Essential Pendant: Your Shield Against WiFi Stress

The greatest crisis facing us today is stress, and more specifically stress from Electromagnetic Frequency radiation. Some products claim to block EMF from phones, while that's good it doesn't help much when around other people's phones, or in an office or home with WiFi and Bluetooth devices. Instead of trying to block the EMF from each device, we need to begin looking at reducing our body's response to the stress from the EMF. This way you are protected for all the devices and sources of EMF that affect you.

Using a SCIO Biofeedback device, we measured how effective the personal Essential Pendant is in balancing the EMF Stress Response on several test subjects.

The chart below shows a representative sample from a test subject who is hyper-sensitive as seen by having nearly all red bars in the first panel.

EMF Stress was reduced after just 3 days of wearing the Essential Pendant between 12 and 16 hours per day. It wasn't from just one source or type of EMF either. This is the complete list of what was tested:

  • Cosmos ELF below 1 Hz

  • Neutrino

  • EELF

  • ELF

  • 50 Hz

  • 60 Hz

  • Power tools

  • 70 - 500 Hz

  • 501 - 1000 Hz

  • 1001 - 1500 Hz

  • 1501 - 2500 Hz

  • 2501 - 3500 Hz

  • 3501 - 4500 Hz

  • 4501 - 5555 Hz

  • 5556 - 7500 Hz

  • 7501 - 10000 Hz

  • 10 KHz - 100 KHz

  • 101 KHz - 1 MHz

  • 1 - 100 MHz

  • 101 - 500 MHz

  • 501 MHz - 1 GigHz

  • Giga Hz range

  • X-ray

  • Gamma Ray

  • Alpha, Beta

  • Mobile Telephone Radiation

  • Color TV

  • Computer terminal, Laptop

  • Geopathic Stress

EMF Stress continued to improve on the 4th day before the test subjects removed the Pendant at the completion of the 4th day.

On Day 8 and Day 10 we see there was a residual benefit that remained for several days after removing the Essential Pendant.

Follow up tests with the Essential Pendant being worn longer term show the EMF Stress Response remains balanced within the normal range.

Data in the following chart is from one of the test subjects who is hyper-electrosensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from man-made sources, such as, wireless phones, power lines, wind turbines and electrical wiring. This is representative of the findings from the study.

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