Yes, that cell phone
causes stress.

But Essential Energy products provide EMF protection and more
Geofield Ag Conditioner

"This Changed Everything," Dairy Farmer, WA State

The most effective solution to mitigate EMF and stray voltage stress on farms

Reverse EMF's mal-illumination syndrome

Dr. John Ott said our greatest health issue is stress from mal-illumination caused by exposure to unnatural, unhealth light (EMF).

Essential Energy's products use resonance to produce quality natural light to help optimize your stress response and protect from EMF stress.

Will Winter, DVM on Mitigating EMF on Farms

Clay Conry at Working Cows Podcast interviewed Will Winter, DVM about the dangers of 5G and EMF on farms. Will goes into detail on how EMF effects livestock and how the Essential Energy Conditioner XLT helps protect and enhance the entire farm ecosystem. If you're struggling with livestock health or overall farm health, this is a must-listen-to interview.

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Featured on Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends

Dr. Tom Cowan interviews Dan Stachofsky about Essential Energy EMF Protection. Learn when EMF is dangerous, why photonic EMF protection is the best approach and more.

Watch or listen to the podcast now: click here.

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Home EMF Protection

For Your Family & Pets

The LightTower's photonic harmonics bio-tuning
protects against EMF radiation and
structures drinking water and food.
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Customer Story

Getting Her Life Back

Are you extremely sensitive to EMF? Listen to Colleen, who used to wear protective clothing just to survive, share her story of how Essential Energy enabled her to start living her normal life again and even travel to Europe!

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EMF Protection for farms

Stop EMFs from stealing your production

Yes, that cell tower and those power lines are affecting your cows and your crops - your very livelihood. You don't have to let that continue.

Join the select group of farmers using the Geofield EMF protection from Essential Energy on their farms.

anti-emf device

The Most Effective Bio-tuning & Anti-EMF Device Available.

If you're ready to combat EMF look no further. Essential Energy's line of stainless steel LightTowers are the ultimate solution to protection and recovery.

EMF is everywhere.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are produced by anything that uses electricity or produces energy, which can cause debilitating stress on cell membranes and disruption of our natural biofield. These fields can be refered to as "Junk Light" and they produce harmful EMF Stress.

Below are just a few common sources (not pictured: EVs, power lines, and smart meters)

wifi signal icon

Wifi Routers

tv icon

Smart TVs

cell phone icon

Cell Phones

laptop icon


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Cell Towers

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Smart Appliances

How it works?

Essential Energy’s breakthrough nano-technology transforms the meta-surface of the plates to refract a field of coherent light that acts like a tuning fork, raising the vibrational rate of your biofield and neutralizing EMF sources. The result is reduced EMF stress and improving energy and balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 7" LightTower Gen 3 covers an area approximately 3.5 acres.

The 5" LightTower Gen 3 covers an area approximately 1.5 acres.

The LightTowers require the Home Stand (included with purchase) to expand their coverage area. Without the Home Stand, the LightTowers produce a focused beam of coherent light that is the width of the plates themselves. This is useful for structuring water and using on acupuncture points, areas of pain or areas that require support in healing.

By placing the LightTowers on the Home Stand, the field is expanded and benefits people, plants and animals within the field.

Essential Energy’s breakthrough technology produces light wave harmonics (i.e. harmonized energy) which condition manmade EMF reducing the body's EMF stress response and improving the body's vitality and energy production.

Through plasmonics, an application used to treat the surface metals, Essential Energy conditions the surface of stainless steel plates to reflect full spectrum, coherent light. This light harmonizes the problem with EMF – the chaotic wave patterns. With our proprietary photonic technology, the wave patterns are conditioned from chaotic to smooth, so they pass through the body without causing stress.

Without the stress from EMF, the body is more at rest and focuses it's energy on a natural healing response vs fighting EMF stress. The plates create the environment for the body to thrive.

Electromagnetic fields, referred to commonly as EMF, of all frequencies represent an influence in the environment. The natural world, including our bodies, produce low intensity EMF which are used to transfer information and control chemical reactions. It's the EMF produced by electrical systems and wireless communications which causes issues with people, plants and animals today.

These non-native EMF are at a higher intensity level than our natural EMF, which distorts the flow of our natural processes.

According to the World Health Organization, all populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.

The electromagnetic spectrum shows the range of frequencies, associated technologies and the intensity of the frequency. While radio, radar and wireless communicatinos are non-ionizing (meaning they don't heat up the cells), studies on rats and mice from 2018 in both the US and Italy showed they do cause cancer.

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