French Court Investigates 4G: Can Cell Towers Harm Cows?


Have you ever heard of cows going off their feed and mysteriously dying? A French rancher is facing this exact situation and blames a nearby 4G cell tower. This unprecedented case could set a precedent for the impact of cell phone technology on livestock.

Cows Behaving Strangely, Milk Production Plummets

Frédéric Salgues, a rancher in France, paints a grim picture. His cows, once healthy, are now thin and lethargic. Milk production has dropped significantly, and an alarming number of livestock have died within a year of a new 4G tower appearing on the scene.

Yannick Salgues, brother to the concerned farmer, presented a powerful piece of evidence: the milk cooperative's collection calendar. This meticulously documented record, a diary of dairy production, became a stark visual of the downturn. In June 2021, their average haul sat comfortably at 4,200 liters. But just a week after the 4G antenna became operational, on July 3rd, their yield plummeted to 3,792 liters. The following days painted an even bleaker picture – by month's end, production had dipped to a concerning 2,700 liters. This dramatic decline spoke volumes, a silent scream echoing the concerns about the antenna's impact on the herd's health.

Unprecedented Court Order: Shutting Down the Tower

Taking Salgues’ concerns seriously, a French court issued a groundbreaking order. The 4G tower will be deactivated for two months to monitor the cows' behavior and health. This decision aims to establish a potential link between the cell phone technology and the cows' wellbeing.

Farmer Hopes for Recovery, Mayor Fears Wider Impact

Salgues hopes the cows will recover with the tower down. He sees the court's decision as a victory for his livestock. Interestingly, the mayor who initially approved the tower now supports the farmer, fearing a potential "catastrophe on a human level." 

Cell Towers and Health Concerns - A Wider Debate

This case reinstates the debate about the potential health risks of cell phone towers. While the focus here is on cows, concerns exist regarding human health as well. This French court ruling is a significant turning point, prompting further investigation into the interaction between cell phone technology and living organisms. This case is far from settled, and the outcome could have significant implications for both the agricultural and telecommunication industries.

Artificial EMFs on the Farm: Are They Killing Your Livestock?

This recent case in France highlights a growing concern for farmers: the potential impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on livestock health and productivity.

Frédéric Salgues’s legal action against a cell tower operator, blaming the newly installed 4G antenna for a significant decline in his cows' health and milk production, raises a crucial question for farmers everywhere: could EMFs be silently affecting your herd's well-being and bottom line?

The Science of EMFs and Animal Health

While large-scale studies directly investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on farm animals remain limited, a robust body of foundational research exists. Such studies utilize rats as a model organism, with well-established translational value to human health outcomes in various fields which suggests a link between EMF exposure and health consequences in other mammalian species commonly found on farms. This includes cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, and even poultry.

The following 10 researches suggests a link between exposure to EMFs and changes in animal behavior and physiology. These concerns mirror the growing body of research on the potential health effects of EMFs on humans.

1. Sperm Health:

2. Abnormal Pregnancy & Miscarriage:

3. Low Calving Rate & Underdeveloped Offsprings:

4. Endocrine Disruption

5. Digestion Behavior :

7. General Behavior

8. Something is in the Air – The Cell Phone Radiation Documentary

9. Brain Function

10. Cancer

These studies raise the stakes and make it impossible to ignore the clear assault on dairy cows.

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