Unveiling Essential Energy's Revolutionary EMF Solutions

Essential Energy’s products are truly unique in how they deal with the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, commonly referred to as EMFs.  Radio frequencies (RF), Microwaves (MW) are forms of non-ionizing EMFs that are becoming more and more dangerous to our health due to the cumulative effect of the technologies that use their frequencies.  The challenge with products claiming to protect you from EMFs is that these frequencies are invisible, so it can be hard to discern who to believe.

With nearly 40 years of experience developing EMF protection devices using photonic ionization technology, our inventor/scientist has developed a truly remarkable product that has helped thousands of people over the years. We believe in these products and use them ourselves.  The technology is based on over 80 years of Russian and German research in the fields of ions, biophysics, and biophotonics.

Biophysics governs the biochemistry in living systems. With over 100,000 biochemical reactions every second in every cell in the human body, there must be the right biophysical conditions present to trigger healthy, successful biochemical reactions. Here's a relevant quote that speaks to the need for a energy product like Essential Energy:

"Our bodies have a system of communication that relays critical information between cells at a molecular level using light or electromagnetic resonance.  This system governs all chemical actions and reactions – indeed life itself.  When that system suffers interference and loses coherence we suffer illness.”​
- Dr Mae-Wan Ho PhD, co-founder and retired director of Institute of Science in Society, London UK.

Essential Energy’s products use the full electromagnetic (light) spectrum to produce coherent harmonics that do two things to offset EMF/FR:

1) First, the coherent harmonic clears the noise created by high-powered artificial EMF from modern tech such as cell phones, tablets, wifi, smart meters, power lines & transformers.

2) Second, they organize the information transfer at the intracellular (electromagnetic) level.

This results in an increased efficiency of chemical and biological reactions inside cells enhancing cellular communications and strengthening the natural biological systems.

Our technology does not use crystals, electricity or magnets.  We use plasma technology (see our article on Plasmonics) to treat the surface of the metal plates. This process embeds beneficial resonant harmonics to any light that reflects off the surface. When the light reflects off the surface it carries the new beneficial harmonics and has the ability to treat all the neighboring photons resulting in a rapid spread of the beneficial field in the environment and across biophotons.

We recently ran a test on our products to better gauge exactly how much they assist the body in blocking EMFs with 5 participants. Using a SCIO® Biofeedback machine we tested the body’s response to a panel of frequencies associated with stress-inducing electromagnetic radiation, ranging from hertz to gigahertz ranges.

All participants saw a normalized EMF stress response within days. One example:

A participant began wearing an Essential Energy Personal Pendant the day after the baseline test. On day 3 the participant was re-tested and showed dramatic improvement in the EMS stress response. Improvement continued the next day and then the participant stopped wearing the Personal Pendant. You can see that the data shows the body slowly began to experience stress again over the following week yet did not return to the original state. Post-study follow up shows that as the participant continues to wear the Personal Pendant the positive response to EMF stress continues.​ We have repeated this study many times with the same impressive results!

To learn more read the following article about the dangers of EMFs and how Essential Energy’s products address the problem at the source.

Ready to give your body the help it needs? Explore our product guide to select the right product for you today!

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