LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates
LightTower - 4" Plates

LightTower - 4" Plates

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Tired of dealing with headaches and brain fatigue whenever you use any kind of gadget? Imagine enjoying modern technology without the side effects of EMF.

The 4” LightTower lets you do that and more! Precisely engineered plates using plasmonic technology create resonant frequencies that harmonize and neutralize the effects of EMF pollution at the molecular level.

Want to use the 4" LightTower to protect a bedroom, small apartment or small office? Purchase the Home Stand which leverages scalar technology to expand and enhance the beneficial field (sold separately).

Why Choose the LightTower for your EMF protection and wellbeing?

Complete EMF Protection – Unlike other EMF products that only address a narrow set of frequencies, our plates produce a broad range of harmonic frequencies. This leaves no room for harmful exposures.

Full-body Coherence – Our products are more than just EMF protection. Using resonant harmonics of light frequencies, we provide intercellular entrainment for the body.

Practical Health Aide – When the body isn’t coherent, we feel sick. By restoring coherence within the body, you improve iron levels in the blood and boost your immune system.

Performance Enhancer – Increase energy and stamina, and speed up recovery time after physical activities by improving your oxygen saturation levels. Increase your productivity by maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Portable and Lightweight – Conveniently fits right in the palm of your hands. Put it in your purse or pocket or in the included hands-free waist belt for the ultimate comfort.


The result of recent studies shows that EMF triggers oxidative stress in the tissues and causes significant changes in blood antioxidant levels, slowly killing you through mere exposure. So why risk it?

Essential Energy provides the best solution to help you manage harmful electromagnetic frequencies while keeping you connected to the modern world.

Start living an EMF-free life. Order today and expect to see great results!



Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recovery quicker. Point this LightTower towards you or wear on your person in your pocket or with our custom fit vests. Have the confidence to know your body is at peace, shielded from the stressful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The 4" LightTower is a stack of 3 precision engineered stainless steel plates treated to produce a constant flow of reflected structured light (biophotons) that neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies and produce an optimal environment for your body to experience life changing benefits.

Comes with a runner's belt to allow hands-free wearing throughout the day.


Essential Energy stands behind every product sold through our store and in-person. If you're not 100% satisfied we will provide a full month back guarantee if the return is initiated within 30 days of shipment. 

Simply call us at 833-723-3363 or email to start the return process.

Once the order is fulfilled and received by the shipper, you'll receive an automated email with tracking number. Typically 1-2 business days after order.

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Home Protection


We believe the LightTower is the most powerful, versatile, EMF protection and vitality recovery product on the market today.

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