20 Scientific Studies Say Our Tech Addiction is Cooking The Planet

What is the combined warming effect from the supply chain and use of the billions of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) transmitters that now cover the planet? Cell towers, smart meters, Internet-of-Things sensors, Wi-Fi, smart phones, plus cloud services and data centers?

20 expert reports tell us a story that needs to be shared. If we can't reduce the use of technology, we better start using technologies that mitigate the stress from the EMF the technologies emit, or we just may find ourselves cooked like the frog in a pot of boiling water.

Essential Energy is a leader in mitigating EMF stress through photonic resonant harmonic devices that are easy to use, integrate into your daily life seamlessly, and will become your favorite hack to solving the EMF crisis.

Environmental Health Trust: Cell Phone are Carcinogenic
Over the years I've found a hand full of reliable organizations I follow and support in the fight to bring change to help us have safe technology. Environmental Health Trust is one of the best. They raise awareness of cancer-causing EMF and work with governments and organizations to bring changes to hopefully make the tech we use safe. In the meantime, we need to be taking responsibility for our own health and protecting ourselves from EMF. This is why I started Essential Energy Solutions. With the products we offer, we support a healthy response to EMF stress, raising vitality, energy, and balance and mitigating the affects of EMF stress.
Scientists: Wi-Fi, Other EMFs May Be Linked to Infertility and Miscarriage

The article we're highlighting this week was published recently in The Epoch Times and written by Marina Zhang. Here research is excellent, and it's very informative. It's based on datasets from research conducted over the past few years, though experts have known that unnatural EMF effects fertility and pregnancies since the 1800's.

The good news is that Essential Energy's products have helped dairy farmers reverse the fertility issues in their dairy herds.

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease — What’s the Connection?
Essential Energy Editor note: This article was written in 2022. A lot of the information provided here is extremely helpful. However, we have also learned that the cell may be responding to EMF waves differently than noted in this article....
Since the technology was first invented in 1989, we have received questions that have similar themes. In this article, we answer the Top 5 questions related to our products, how they work, and how they can be so effective at EMF protection, a photonic-based EMF shield for you, your plants, and your animals.
Part 2 - Rural Stray Voltage, EMF, 5G, Solar and Wind Farms - What You Can Do To Be Safer
In Part 2 of his series, Will Winter discusses the benefits of Essential Energy's products for EMF protection for people and farms. Essential Energy's Geofield Conditioner is the most reliable and effective EMF protection and biophoton optimizing technology available. Built to last, engineered to address all the man-made EMF, including 5G, so your soil, plants, animals and pollinators will experience freedom to live to their greatest extent!
Part 1 - What You Need to Know: Rural Stray Voltage, EMF, 5G, Solar and Wind Farms
If you haven’t heard about farm or personal health problems from electricity or EMF (electromagnetic frequencies yet, my prediction is that you will soon. The more you know about it, the scarier it is, but yet the more you know, the more you can protect yourself, your family, your livestock and your farm. There are 3 main forms of electrosmog to be aware of to ensure a lifestyle of freedom and health.
More People Likely Suffering From Microwave Syndrome Than Previously Thought
Microwave syndrome refers to sensitivity and symptom development caused by environmental microwave radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can worsen symptoms of chronic diseases and illness. All forms of EMR can lead to inflammation of the thymus gland which is where T-cells and Helper cells of the immune system are launched to help the body.  
WATCH: Essential Energy & Geofield products profiled on American Grassfed Association's channel
I was thrilled to be invited to share about our EMF protection and wellness products with Michael at the American Grassfed Association. The Essential Energy Solutions products are intended for people, pets and homes, and the Geofield products are the...
Sedona Hike
Hiking with the LightTower in beautiful Sedona, Arizona
WATCH: Dr. Tom Cowan interviews Essential Energy's Dan Stachofsky on Conversations with Dr. Tom Cowan and Friends
Dr Cowan invites Dan Stachofsky, owner of Essential Energy Solutions, on to his popular podcast to explain and share about the amazing Essential Pendant, LightTower and Ag Conditioners used on farms (and homes!) around the world.
The one thing all EMF refugees must do to recover
There is a crisis occurring, and it’s growing in size.  Sweden calls it a functional impairment.  The World Health Organization says the source is a Class 2B Carcinogen similar to asbestos and lead.  3% of Americans are severely affected, and...
Are you living in a suppressive blanket?
Manmade Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) Significantly Suppresses Health Pendants and LightTowers offered by Essential Energy Solutions reduce EMF Stress, the number one action causing health issues. When EMF Stress is reduced, inter-cellular communication and processes return to their natural, normal function....
Covid-19 and the importance of measuring blood oxygen saturation levels
Estimates from the CDC’s risk assessment predict most American’s will contract Covid-19 so it’s important we educate ourselves about what to expect and how to naturally assist recovery. One post-recovery finding we're already learning about is that medical experts say...
Blood Oxygen Saturation and Electromagnetic Radiation
A pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation levels in the blood, which refers to the extent to which hemoglobin is saturated with oxygen. Hemoglobin is an element in your blood that binds with oxygen to carry it through the bloodstream to...
DARPA: Concerns that EMF is causing neurological impairment reach US Military
Hi there! A friend sent me this news story and, given the implications, I just had to pass it along. This provides further evidence that the environment we're creating with our modern technology is, tragically, less safe or less healthy...
Meet the Essential Energy Products
We’re living in a sea of healthy and unhealthy frequencies. God provided a natural, healing frequency to cover the earth. This frequency of 7.83 Hz has long wavelengths and is beneficial and has healing properties. Conversely, today we enjoy amazing...
AUDIO: Dan Stachofsky interviewed on Quantum Medicine Radio Show
Quantum Medicine host Dr. Kamau Kokayi of with practices in both New York and Los Angeles interviewed Essential Energy owner Dan Stachofsky. The 30 minute interview aired on September 14, 2021 on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC. Transcript: Speaker 1...
WiFi & Cell Phone EMF Stress Response Reduced with Essential Pendant
The greatest crisis facing us today is stress, and more specifically stress from Electromagnetic Frequency radiation. Some products claim to block EMF from phones, while that's good it doesn't help much when around other people's phones, or in an office...
Comparison of Super Concentrated Mineral Water to other mineral products
  BACKGROUND and HISTORY The minerals in Super Concentrated Mineral Water were discovered by an atomic scientist in Japan while he was researching for a way to remove the radioactive isotopes remaining in the waters around Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan....
Our technology explained
Essential Energy’s products are truly unique in how they deal with the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, commonly referred to as EMFs.  Radio frequencies (RF), Microwaves (MW) are forms of non-ionizing EMFs that are becoming more and more dangerous to...