Rising Radiation (EMF) & It's Environmental Impact on Flora and Fauna

Delve into the concerning (yet fascinating) world of electromagnetic fields and it's impact on our plants & animals, our ecosystem, and ultimately, on us.
Biofield Conditioning Therapies
Dive into the fascinating world of electromagnetic fields, biofield tuning and essential energy, unraveling its mysteries and discovering its profound benefits for holistic health.
French Court Investigates 4G: Can Cell Towers Harm Cows?
This recent court case in France highlights a growing menace for farmers: the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on livestock health and farm production.
How to Turn Your Hobby Farm Into a Niche Business Idea
Homesteading is trending in America today, and Essential Energy provides helpful times to turn your hobby farm into a niche business idea. As providers of the most successful bio-conditioning EMF protection devices on the market, we know farming offers a lot of joy and fulfillment when done in harmony with nature. We hope this article will helps you get off on the right foot on your hobby farm business.
5G: Risky Radiation?

Unveiling the True Cost of 5G
How EMF Radiation Poisoning Unfolds, Which Phase Are You In?

Nearly every person living on this planet is now exposed to EMF from wireless devices 24/7, we need to know what ultimately becomes of a population trapped in an electrodense/toxic environment. In 1996, Professor Dr. Karl Hecht and his associate Hans-Ullrich Balzer idenitified three phases of EMF radiation poisoning. read this post to identify which phase you're in and how to support your body's ability to reverse the damage.

Rotten Tomatoes: EMF's Devastating Effects on Crop Health
How Electromagnetic Fields Impact Agricultural Prosperity
Regulating Radiation in Cars
Pragmatic Steps to Safeguard Yourself
Livestream - November 25, 2023
Essential Energy owner, Dan Stachofsky, went live to answer two questions often asked by new customers: How do you travel with the LightTower and Pendant and How does the Essential Energy technology compare to dots and stickers?
Geofield Conditioner

Protecting Farms and Wildlife from EMF Pollution

Cell Phones are Carcinogenic
Insights from Environmental Health Trust