Tech Addiction's Impact: A Climate Cooking Culprit

global impact of technology


By Dan Stachofsky

What is the combined warming effect from the supply chain and use of the billions of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) transmitters that now cover the planet? Cell towers, smart meters, Internet-of-Things sensors, Wi-Fi, smart phones, plus cloud services and data centers? Recent reports serve as a warning that we have a decision to make: either reduce the amount of technology we're using (which is very unlikely, unfortunately), or protect and bio-tune the people, plants and animals from the harmful radiation with products like the Essential Pendant that can be worn to provide personal protection and products that create a beneficial field over a large area like the Essential Energy Conditioners.

Essential Energy's photonic EMF protection devices re-establish a balanced ion field mitigating EMF stress on nature. The importance of restoring balance is made clearly evident by these reports below. We don't need more products that act as band-aids, but rather that address the issue of EMR stress at the atomic and molecular levels.

Dr Mae-Wan Ho quote

Dr. Jack Kruse says, "If you change the electromagnetic field, you change the coherence of the system of life."

Our modern technology is simply incompatible with nature. Thankfully, this major issue can be resolved and mitigated. Using photonic resonant harmonics, we can restore coherence to any system of life, mitigating EMF stress. This protection allows nature to do what it was designed to do, and achieve it's full genetic potential. 

Reading through the studies below does show global and personal technology is having a major effect on our environment - the environment we're called to steward and preserve.

I came across most of these from the site - so thank you to them for compiling many of these articles and inspiring this post.


Dr Andrew Goldsworthy quote
Dr Jeffery Schlom quote

Headline News and Scientific Reports

Digital damage: Is your online life polluting the planet?
Along with the greenhouse gas emissions from substantial energy use by our personal computers, data centers and communication equipment, this impact also includes the water use and land impact from mining, 2022

Our phones and gadgets are endangering the planet.
“The energy used in our digital consumption is set to have a bigger impact on global warming than the entire aviation industry.”

The Guardian 2018    Greenpeace report

Tsunami of data
Internet, video and smart devices could use one fifth of all global electricity by 2025.
Total Consumer Power Consumption Forecast  Climate Home News 2017

The Cloud Begins With Coal
“. . . the average iPhone requires more power per year than the average refrigerator.”
Grist 2013   Digital Power Group

Climate Change and Technology
“The information technology sector is one of the largest consumers of global energy and contributors to greenhouse emissions.”

Forbes 2019

Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet
“A wired connection is the most energy efficient method to access the network.” Post Carbon Institute 2015

Digital sobriety can halt tech-fueled warming.
New Scientist  The Shift Project 2017

NASA probes find man-made bubble from radio communications shrouding the earth
NASA 2017

Electromagnetic Radiation as Possible Explanation for Climate Change
“Human generated electromagnetic radiation may contribute to global warming by diverting KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) from its presumed association with cosmic rays and thereby affecting natural function of cloud formation and climate stability.”

Project Censored 2017  Atmospheric and Climate Sciences 2016

The wireless cloud is an energy monster
“Access to cloud services will have the same carbon footprint as adding 4.9 million cars to the roads” The Conversation 2013 Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications

Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact.
The Lancet-Planetary Health 2018

Technology is destroying nature
. . . with electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers . . . 5G could increase threat. Newsweek 2018

Why our relationship with technology is destroying the planet
Writing shortly after the Second World War, the philosopher Martin Heidegger argued that we must break free from our use of technology to address the climate crisis.
The New Statesment

How technology has stopped evolution and is destroying the world
It has become something of a mantra within the sustainability movement that innovations in technology can save the world. But rather than liberating us, Doug Tompkins, the cofounder of retail brands The North Face and Esprit, believes technology has enslaved us and is destroying the very health of the planet on which all species depend.
The Guardian

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