Essential Energy is defending you against the growing man-made EMF crisis.

Curiosity was sparked in our inventor at age 6 when he couldn't understand why plants didn't grow well next to extension cords. Then at age 18 and 21 he witnessed two tragic car accidents with drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. His curiosity turned into a life mission that gave birth to the resonant interaction technology found in all Essential Energy products.

Our Company

Today we enjoy amazing technology whether through our cell phones or smart appliances, it’s our modern day technology that makes so many everyday tasks easier and more efficient. But there is a tremendous downside we are learning more about every day. 

We now know cell phones lead to cancer (see studies from 2018 by the National Toxicology Lab and the Ramazzini Institute), yet local utility companies are installing smart meters on homes across the country and national wireless carriers are deploying 5G wireless networks without hesitation. The World Health Organization classifies RF from wireless communications as a Type 2B Carcinogen, though many leading scientists argue this rating should be elevated to at least 1B, if not 1A.  The amazing truth is earth produces a natural, life giving electromagnetic field at 7.83 Hz which is healthy and healing to people, yet the man-made EMF we're exposed to is often 100x to 1,000,000,000x stronger than the natural fields. This has many to raise the alarm bells and offer advice on how to reduce exposure to the signals.  Over the years these tactics have been mildly successful but are impossible to be complete or adequate since we are constantly moving and entering new, unprotected buildings, homes and cars all the time.  If you live in a city or a neighborhood, you likely have anywhere from 6-16 WiFi signals going through your home from all the neighbors.  The main issue with man-made EMF is it puts a stress on your body.

What if we could change the game reduce EMF stress, similar to how an antihistamine reduces an allergic reaction to pollen, but without a pill?  This is what Essential Energy is all about and we're making available to you.

As technology continues to progress, the intensities of the manmade frequencies are beginning to show very serious effects on people, plants and animals. You may not feel the impact, but your biology is being effected. The problem is that the desire for the benefits of these technologies is not going away. 5G wireless technology promises download speeds 100 times faster than 4G. This makes driverless cars and mobile video/gaming incredibly fast and enjoyable for the consumer. The benefits for the consumer are exciting, but the dangers are real.

This leaves us all with a serious problem – how do we protect ourselves?

You can buy supplements or jackets with silver lining to protect yourself for specific moments in time, but nothing on the market today protects against the expanding spectrum of EMFs, until now.

Essential Energy has spent more than twenty years perfecting a product many top researchers and scientists said could never be done. Instead of quitting, we pushed through and have the product that is needed more than ever before in human history.​

Utilizing nano-technology and advanced physics, we have figured out how to treat the surface plasmons on high-grade, polished stainless steel that allows us to manipulate the way light reflects off the surface of the plates.  The result is a highly coherent beam of light that entrains your body's naturally produced biophotons. These biophotons interact with the electrons in cells in a very stable state, improving the intercellular flow of information critical to the function of the cell. Without this coherent entrainment, man-made EMF disrupts the inter-cellular interaction which puts stress on the system. Every second there are 100,000 chemical reactions in every cell in the body. Improving the quality of those reactions leads to reduced stress and many benefits. Whether you wear the Power Pendant as your 24/7 protection, or the Light Tower to reach that desired level of wellness and balance faster you can be assured that, similar to how noise cancelling headphones cancel out the unwanted noise, these products are cancelling out the unwanted electromagnetic frequencies, without the use of electricity. Every single product is engineered to atomic-level standards with highly sensitive equipment.

You can now take control and cancel the effect of electromagnetic smog, thus cancelling the serious effects of today’s and tomorrow’s modern technology.