How EMF Radiation Poisoning Unfolds, Which Phase Are You In?

Wireless Radiation from Cell Towers

The need to take protection from electromagnetic radiation seriously today is growing as more and more people realize their chronic illnesses and health issues are likely caused by EMF poisoning. Farmers are also connecting the dots with issues they’re seeing with livestock health issues and crop production that have increased significantly over the past 5-10 years.

There are 147 companies vying to place over 1 million satellites into low-orbit (within the ionosphere) to beam communication signals down on us 24/7, erasing 'dead zones' which were so important to the extremely EMF sensitive people who moved to those dead zones to find some semblance of normality, and now just yesterday, Verizon, per their President of Global Networks and Technology Joe Russo, said on November 28, 2023, they are planning to deploy 350,000-400,00 fixed wireless access (FWA) points per quarter, increasing the densification and radiation levels in cities, beaches, parks, sporting venues, theaters…everywhere they can. I'm sure the other telecomms are right there with them. Of course this is happening with or without the consent of the people, but apparently it's ok in his mind as the selling point is, in his own words, "If you’ve been to a Taylor Swift concert, they want to stream that experience, and you couldn’t do that in a 4G world. We’ve unlocked that capability in venues with mmWave.” I suppose if there was no documented evidence of harm from EMF that would be fine, but that's not the case.

Here's a picture of a Verizon fixed wireless access (FWA) antenna delivering 5G mmWave and 4G LTE to neighborhoods, beaches, sporting venues, schools and businesses.

  Verizon FWA irradiating a neighborhood

Despite prolific evidence of harm, the Wireless Industry has continued to push the narrative that densification of cell towers is important and desired by everyone, with no apparent consideration for those who are disabled by the electromagnetic radiation, suffer from one of the 62 reported symptoms caused by EMF, or are concerned that the radio communication used by fwa's is a Type 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

How EMF radiation poisoning from cell towers unfolds.

Since nearly every person living in on this planet is now exposed to EMF from wireless devices 24/7, we need to know what ultimately becomes of a population trapped in an electrodense/toxic environment.  In 1996, Professor Dr. Karl Hecht and his associate Hans-Ullrich Balzer were commissioned by the German Federal Institute for Telecommunications to conduct research on a massive collection of Soviet Russian technical literature ((1960-1996) documenting the health-damaging effects of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. In 1997, Hecht and Balzer turned over to their sponsor a report based on 878 scientific works. The data was reportedly "disappeared" into a German  archive. 

   According to Professor Hecht, this massive scientific collection confirmed that the duration of microwave irradiation is a foremost decisive factor in human health effects: the longer the exposure, the more deadly the cumulative effects. Therefore, the billions of cell phones and hundreds of millions of always-on cellular and Wi-Fi antennas a very dangerous if steps to mitigate aren't taken, not to mention the thousands of low-orbit satellites beaming internet and other wireless communications. If you are farming and are considering IoT sensors for weather monitoring, moisture monitoring and nutritional analysis, you may want to rethink your approach. Even the RFID tags for tracking livestock are mini-cells sending wireless transmissions. The "low-level" intermittent transmissions expose livestock to EMF radiation which can lead to blindness, neurological issues, rumination issues and fertility and conception rate declines, among other issues.

  Russian research showed that there are three consecutive phases involved in the slow, but steady downward spiral of human populations chronically irradiated by radio/microwave antennas, including radar. Every system in the body is eventually affected, including eyesight, hearing and cognitive function. Since each person's body is genetically different, and since each person's exposure is unique, each and every Wi-radiation victim will traverse the following phases in  his or her own time. Each will develop uniquely individual symptoms.


Initial Phase: The body tries to compensate for and resist the assault

The first 1-3 years of irradiation

    During the first 1-3 years, a sympathicotonic deflected initial phase is predominantly demonstrated. The definition of sympathicotonia (hypertonia) is increased stress of the sympathetic nervous system and a marked tendency to vascular spasm and abnormal blood pressure.  Therefore, studies should be conducted across the US to determine to what extent cell tower radiation and Wi-Fi, raging through the interior of millions of inhabited buildings, is connected to the suffering of multitudes who struggle with sympathetic nervous system disorders and dangerous blood pressure problems. One third of Americans suffer from abnormal blood pressure. Seven of ten people having their first heart attack have high blood pressure. Seven of ten people with chronic heart failure have high blood pressure. Eight of ten people having their first stroke have high blood pressure according to a 2018 report by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. 

First Sub-phase: This is the sympathicotonia (hypertonia) activation phase. It is comparable with the alarm phase of the general adaptation syndrome of Selye and with the unspecific activation according to [Lindsley, 1951] [Lacey, 1967] and others. This is when the body kick starts it's defensive mechanisms. At every stage we want a normal level of response so that the body's natural defense and healing properties work as designed, however even at this first stage people can experience hyper (elevated) or hypo (depressed) reactions.

Second Sub-phase:This is the performance-promoting, increased sympathicotonic reaction phase and is interpreted as a resistance phase. It often features negative emotional activation [Lindsley, 1951] [Selye, 1953], including feelings of stress and/or anxiety rooted in physiological responses to the radiation. [The brain "hears" what the ears do not].


Third Sub-phase: Adaptive, balancing phase with less sympathicotonic deflection.  During this phase, body functions are still mainly in the range of homeostasis, so normal values are usually measured, although latent intermittently-appearing  ailments may express themselves. This is still considered part of the resistance phase. People in this phase, who can connect the dots between illness and irradiation and then take steps to mitigate exposure, are the lucky ones. Traditional medicine may struggle to link this to microwave radiation, and instead attempt to medicate or treat the symptoms. But if people in this phase can address the microwave exposure, they can often recover. This is where our RPH devies can really help, in that they produce a field of coherent light that in a few internal studies showed an increase the sympathetic function, as measured with a device that measures heart rate variability.

Since it is hard for most people to connect the dots with microwave poisoning at this stage, they can quickly slip into the second and third phases.


Second Phase: The Body Progresses to Pre-Morbid or Early Phases of Chronic Disease

 3-5 years of irradiation 

    During this second phase, chronically irradiated people develop weakly visible, pathological neurasthenic (allergic reaction to electricity) symptoms with vagotonic reaction tendencies. This means overactivity or irritability of the vagus nerve, adversely affecting function of the blood vessels, stomach, and muscles.  It also means that the parasympathetic autonomic system is overactive, while sleep disorders and daytime tiredness are common. Neurasthenic symptoms involve: poor appetite or overeating, insomnia or hypersomnia, low energy and fatigue, low-self esteem, poor concentration, difficulty making decisions and feelings of hopelessness. According to authors at where I first came across this information, in its most severe form, this phase may include a chronic disturbance of mood called dysthymia (depressive neurosis) in which a depressive mood accompanies the other physiological features listed here. This might explain why millions of Americans need anti-depressant drugs and narcotics to cope with their radiation-induced depressive symptoms. Some believe that by the end of the second stage, the systemic damage may be irreversible, even if radiation exposure ceases. However, given examples of cellular and nervous repair when exposed to the LightTower for long periods (months), and the principles behind epi-genetics and cellular repair, I believe we can see a marked improvement and recovery at this stage when we combine Essential Energy's RPH devices with good nutrition, clean water and exercise. 


Third Phase: The Body Degenerates into Exhaustion and Severe Morbidity

 5+ years of irradiation

     This final degenerative phase produces pronounced neurasthenic symptoms with increasing pathological lapses of the regulation system, sleep disorders, daytime tiredness, and general exhaustion. People who have progressed to this phase suffer a dramatic increase in chronic illnesses and elevated cancer incidence.

After 30+ years of environmental EMF radiation has left us with steep rises in the chronically-ill population fitting this description. A 2016 study by researchers at Emory University confirms that over one half of the US adult population is now chronically ill:  "The health of individuals is increasingly being defined by complexity and multi-morbidity, the co-occurrence of two or more chronic medical conditions." Two studies in 2018 reinforce each others findings. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy published results of its large study in which animals were exposed to 1.8 gigahertz representative of cell tower antenna emissions. This study reports a significant number of schwann cell malignancies (schwannomas) in exposed animals, compared to controls. Schwann cells are found in most organs of the body, both human and animal. Schwann cells play a key role in the nervous system where they form the myelin sheath and help conduct electrical impulses. The researchers who completed this study are among the many experts demanding that IARC update its radiofrequency designation commensurate with the documented potential of microwaves to induce and accelerate cancer in animals and humans: "The RI findings on far field exposure to RFR are consistent with and reinforce the results of the NTP study on near field exposure, as both reported an increase in the incidence of tumors of the brain and heart in RFR-exposed Sprague-Dawley rats. These tumors are of the same histotype of those observed in some epidemiological studies on cell phone users. These experimental studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the re-evaluation of IARC conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans."

The findings of the two year National Toxicology Lab study published in 2018 found that high exposure to RFR (900 MHz) used by cell phones was associated with:

  • Clear evidence of an association with tumors in the hearts of male rates
  • Some evidence of an association with tumors in the brains of male rates
  • Some evidence of an association with tumors in the adrenal glands of male rate

These two studies strongly reinforce the work by Hecht and Savoley in Germany. They started their report with "A Very Serious Warning 36 Years Ago", and yet by and large we have not heeded this warning, but increased densification even more. And I'm not entirely convinced it's just to support the demand of consumers, but rather the demands by military's across the planet for national security reasons and industry looking for competitive advantages to satisfy growing shareholder demands for higher profits. It's for these two reasons that I don't see lobbying governments to stop the spread of 5G or 6G will put a dent in the problem.

3 Phase of EMF Radiation Progression

Reason to be optimistic

Perhaps like many who read this, I've had a cell phone for 20+ years, worked and lived around Wi-Fi for as long as it's been available and traveled quite a bit for work. If it weren't for steps I started taking nearly 10 years ago to rectify my allergy to electricity and toxic exposures, I'm pretty sure I'd be dealing with stage three of the radiation listed above. However, I did implement changes. I changed my approach to food, water and exercise but also realized I would need tools to really help the root cause of these issues. With the help of the Essential Pendant and LightTowers, I've seen profound changes in my health, mental processing and overall outlook on life. When I travel, I always travel with two items:  4" LightTower to shield me from heavy EMF exposure and to keep my energy and vitality up, and a 2 oz bottle of the Super Mineral Concentrate to purify and mineralize my drinking water.

Essential Energy's resonant photonic harmonic (RPH) technology, there is a way to mitigate the effects of EMF regardless of the density near you. You may need to upgrade to a larger device if the results you're seeking aren't happening quick enough, but based on testimonies from around the world, the long term benefits continue to get better regardless of the device used. From the Essential Pendant to the Ag Conditioner, notable positive improvements continue. Even on dairy farms and ranches where they will see immediate (within days to a couple weeks) changes in fertility and conception rates, they report improvements to the overall health and production of their herds and pastures months and years after installation. Dairy farmers are thrilled to see the longevity of their milkers extended. I wonder what may be found in other mammals (say even us humans) related to fertility as a result of this RPH technology?

It's solutions like these that keep me optimistic about the future. Despite how toxic the environment may get, there are amazing people already at work on the solutions we'll need to continue to live at our best.

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