Rotten Tomatoes: EMF's Devastating Effects on Crop Health

a group of rotten tomatoes, showcasing the effects of EMF stress on produce.

Science is catching up with common sense. A report just came out that shows how destructive EMF from cell towers is on tomato plants. Findings were stark. Photosynthetic pigment content in leaves was reduced, curling of leaves, discoloration, and size reduction became prominent with an increase in exposure time. The skin also became softer. Interesting because I've seen the skin on berries (blackberries, strawberries and blueberries) actually become more firm in the first season with the Ag Conditioner. 

The conclusion was that telecom companies should be prohibited from placing towers on agricultural lands. The truth is the effects are not limited to tomatoes but apply equally to all crops, and animals for that matter.

This report is a clarion call that EMF is a threat to farm production, to your farm production. You're not going to get telecom companies to tear down their towers or keep Elon Musk from deploying his 30,000 Starlink satellites.

This is why I started Geofield to bring true EMF protection to the farm. Protection means preventing EMF from effecting plants and animals but not blocking nature's beneficial frequencies.

Last summer I was in Florida visiting farmers. I took time to analyze the Ag Conditioners impact on markers related to plant health. Using the SpectruVue Leaf Spectometer CI-710s, I measured the change in peak photosynthetic activity via chlorophyll pigment level (composite Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (cNVDI) analysis) and plant stress (ANS1 and ANS2). NVDI is the most common index that analysts use in remote sensing to measure health quality of vegetation. The higher the number, the healthy the plant.

Because of where I was, it was easiest to test the Windmill Palm. It has broad leaves and full sun, making it easy to test. I first took baseline readings and then I set up the Ag Conditioner. I waited 10 minutes to get my first reading. What I found was a 15% increase in cNDVI indicating a strong improvement in photosynthetic capacity. For ANS2, there was a 48% improvement and a 52% improvement (doubling) in ANS1.

The improvement in ANS 1 and ANS 2 readings are important for many reasons. Benefits of increased anthocyanins are a strengthening of the plants defense against herbivores and parasites, and plant tolerance against stressors such as drought, UV radiation and heavy metals. Moreover, anthocyanins protect chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll from damage by strong sunlight and scavenge free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Overall, according the published science, it is vital for the survival of the plant.

 Anthocyanins may have a protective role in plants against extreme temperatures. Tomato plants protect against cold stress with anthocyanins countering reactive oxygen species, leading to a lower rate of cell death in leaves.

In summary, the Ag Conditioner had an immediate, beneficial effect on the plant that show a strong protection against stress induced by EMF.

With EMF now identified as a major threat to farm production, and we all know they're only going to be placing more cell towers with 5G, don't risk another year of suffering from EMF stress. Acquire an Ag Conditioner now.

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