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Essential Energy Mitigates EMF So Your Family and Farm Can Thrive

Take your homestead to the next level!

Welcome ACTS Customers!

You've already taken a massive step to create your heaven on earth, now let us help you elevate your experience to the next level energetically!

The reality is no matter where you live today you are getting hammered with chaotic, unnatural electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell towers, satellites, power lines and every other device that uses electricity. Without protection, your new homestead will only achieve part of it's true potential because EMF suppresses natural, healthy biochemistry across the entire ecosystem. Everything that has breath struggles under the pressure of EMF.

ACTS has partnered with Essential Energy so your homestead can thrive and be fully ALIVE!

Essential Energy's EMF protection for families and homesteads includes precision engineered stainless steel plates that produce a bio-conditioning EMF mitigation field of coherent light energy. This EMF protection is THE leading bio-tuning and EMF-mitigating technology now covering over 1 million acres of American farmland and helping people sleep better, increase their energy and simply feel better. 

Decades of experiences with all types of agriculture in 20 countries, and growing, our customers continue to share their stories and successes. Besides boasting about 20+% increases in yields in cereal crops, citrus, berries and higher production across all livestock and dairy, what they continue to get excited about is the rapid increases in soil microbiota and pollinator populations and higher nutritional levels. Our farmers express a sincere gratitude knowing they are producing higher quality food, which means healthier customers.

Today, you can also take this same technology and incorporate into your home and personal life.

Essential Energy's EMF protection reduces EMF stress and delivers results for dairy's and ranchers across the country.
Expect similar results from pig, turkey, chicken, goat, and sheep farms.

You'll love all these benefits

Essential Energy EMF protection for the farm has a really good ROI, typically in the first few months. Having issues with fertility? Turn it around in just weeks when you start protecting your farm today.

Improved Energy

Up to 20% more energy in people compared to sham products.

Dr Beverly Rubik conducted a small study that showed the Essential Energy Pendants and LightTowers helped people increase their energy levels by up to 20% when exposed to EMF.

More energy = more health

Improved Pregnancy Rates

Little known issue caused by EMF: infertility and low conception.

A large grass-fed ranch in Oklahoma saw preg rates improve from 66% to >95% in 7 months.

Small pastured dairy in Washington saw preg rates reach 100% (even in cows that hadn't cycled in months), virtually saving his farm from being sold.

Medium-sized pastured dairy in Minnesota saw preg rates go from 72% to 99%, and they didn't really think they had a preg rate issue.

Healthier herds

Whether it's lower vet bills, better daily weight gains, or resilience to heat and severe cold, livestock are thriving, making good genetics perform even better than expected.

Missouri grass-fed rancher saw a near 30% improvement in daily weight gain in the first few months and yearlings handled -20F weather without losing weight.

Wisconsin dairy farmer says, "My cattle are just healthier and happier." They added 2-3 lbs of milk per day.

Montana rancher saw the young calves handle severe cold better than previous years. Mortality rate was noticeably lower through the winter.

French Judge Agrees Cell Tower HARMS Cows Health!

In 2022, French dairy farmer Frédéric Salgues suspected the newly installed 4G cell-tower 650 ft from his farm was the cause of a 15-20% production loss and the death of around 40 of his 200 dairy cows. The court agreed and the tower turned off and removed.

EMF Stress Kills

EMF stress reduces fertility, tightens utters, increases inflammation and decreases overall health in livestock and reduce photosynthesis, growth, nutrition and taste in plants. If you're working to build the best soil, EMF suppresses microbial activity, reduces ionic flow and nutrient cycles. If you don't have EMF protection today, you're losing out.

Essential Energy EMF Protection = Good ROI

Protection Can Start Now

Without the Geofield Ag Conditioner you're exposed to rising EMF levels with no defense. Even the slightest elevated levels, can reduce respiration and increase inflammation, decreasing production and causing poor digestion, very likely costing you more in feed, minerals, and supplements.

Everywhere harmful unnatural EMF levels are on the rise.

Threat: Cell Towers

There were over 700,000 small site cell towers installed from 2020-2022 with many more planned.

Even rural America is receiving this upgrade thanks to a Federal grant to expand cell coverage and access. Current government bills are trying to advance 5G AgTech which will require increased cell tower density.

Threat: Low-Orbit Satellites

Since 2019, Starlink has launched 6,000+ low-orbit communication satellites disrupting the ionosphere and magnetosphere, changing our atomsphere and climate, and de-structuring sunlight. There are 146 other satellite companies with their constellations, and combined they plan to launch 950,000 more satellites in the next decade.

Threat: Power Lines

With the growing demand on the nations electrical grids, new power stations and wind farms are being installed, requiring new power lines and increasing voltage of existing lines. It's been established that high voltage power lines produce an electrical field that alters the ionosphere miles up in the far is it reaching along Earth's surface where your farm is?

With these concerns now out there and well known, the issue of EMF stress will continue to worsen.

This is the time to invest in your homestead's energy field with the Geofield Conditioner XT. It's proving itself every day on properties across the country the key solution to mitigating stress effects from EMF, stray voltage and other forms of electricity.

Don't continue wondering if EMF is part of the problem - experts around the world have been telling us of this problem for decades. Instead, focus on the solution: Essential Energy's mix of products will make your life easier.

If you trust what farmers share, then you'll like to hear that our farmers range from extremely remote (can't see a cell tower) to near-urban settings with 5G and WiFi everywhere. The piece of mind that comes from being protected is priceless to them.

Our offer is simple, add the Geofield Conditioner XT to your homestead as a one-time investment but maintain a relationship with us for support. We'll always have EMF experts and on-staff holistic veterinarians available to you.

Many farmers say the Geofield Ag Conditioner paid for itself in under 10 months, and most say it's even faster!

With our special 90-day money back guarantee for ACTS customers, you can try it with no risk.

When you order today, you're saying "no" to stress and "yes" to taking your homestead and your health to the next level.

Some of our commons questions

New in 2024 - commercial leasing is available! Y
ou can lease or finance through our partners, BLC Equipment Finance. Payment terms are customized to your needs. Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually with flexible terms.

To apply, follow this link and add the following:

  • Tim Klein as the representative
  • Geofield Ag Conditioner is the equipment
  • Essential Energy as the vendor.
  • Dan Stachofsky, 833-723-3363 is the contact

Everyone who lives, visits, or works on the farm will receive the same benefits as the animals, crops, pollinators, birds, and soil.

I should say that Essential Energy provides the same technology in other personal sizes and for the home. With the Ag Conditioner set up in the home, you don't need to wear the Essential Pendant or Pocket Pendant but you will benefit from the Essential Pendant or Pocket Pendant when you leave the farm area as they work to maintain your energy level and protection when you're not around the Ag Conditioner.

Technically the Ag Conditioners can reach up to 10,000 acres! However, we can program your specific Ag Conditioner to cover a smaller area if you wish.

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. These can be natural and unnatural. Natural EMF comes from the sun and the earth. Even living things produce light (in the form of biophotons)!

Unnatural, artificial EMF is man-made and comes from anything that uses electricity. Radios, microwaves, cell phones, computers, radars, satellites, power lines, wind turbines, etc. This artificial form of EMF is not-biocompatible and puts stress on the molecules and cells of living things. This stress is what starts all the bad things EMF causes.

Thankfully, Essential Energy's technology can mitigate and protect against all the forms of EMF today, providing a real benefit to all who suffer from EMF.

The Ag Conditioner is a 12"x12"x2.5" device that weighs 12 lbs. Installing simply requires placing the Ag Conditioner on a level surface free of magnetic fields and aligning the Ag Conditioner with magnetic North (a field compass is included for this step) and in a room that remains between 20F and 110F throughout the year.

This can be in a home or an out-building. If outside, you'll want to put a box over the top to prevent dust or dirt build up.

Dan will walk you through all the steps and answer any questions for you. Dan also travels around the country to visit customers a couple times each year and will schedule a visit with you when you order.

One of the main features of our technology is it's very mobile! You can take it with you on road trips or other occasions.

A few of our farmers take their Ag Conditioner with them to church each week to provide protection during the meeting. They say they notice people are more alert and engaging!

Absolutely! We have farmers growing wheat, corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, lemons, avocados, apples, peaches, oranges, cherries, pears, grapes, and many vegetables and crops.
They all benefit from improved photosynthesis and mineral transport. Brix levels easily achieve above average levels.

Have Another Question?

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We look forward to speaking with you.

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