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Protection against 5G and the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Use promo code COWAN20 to receive a 20% discount on your order at checkout.

Getting Her Life Back

Listen to Colleen share her story of how the LightTower enabled her to travel and explore without experiencing the side effects of EMF exposure.

Home Protection

Free Your Family

The LightTower neutralizes EMF radiation fromwi-fi routers, devices, appliances, and cell towers
and even structures drinking water.

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When using the LightTower, I experienced immediate and dramatic increase in alertness and focus. I didn't know if I am sensitive to EMF, but I do know that I feel way better using the LightTower. Even my iron levels have improved.

Masters in Functional Médecine

I received the Pendant and wow! In four days of wearing it…amazing! I haven't taken it off in 2 years and I continue to refer my patients to Essential Energy. Keep up the great work!

Licensed Chiropractor

I tried everything and had given up. Finally, a product that is actually giving me relief from my 24/7 pain and crazy symptoms. The Pendant and LightTower actually made it so I could sleep all night without waking up. Haven't slept like that in years.

EMF Hypersensitivity Survivor

I love my pendant. I have been dealing with nausea and dizziness since August of 2017. It has been one week and one day and my nausea is gone.

EMF Hypersensitivity Survivor

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