EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease

Essential Energy Editor note: This article was written in 2022. A lot of the information provided here is extremely helpful. However, we have also learned that the cell may be responding to EMF waves differently than noted in this article. It's worth looking into Dr. Tom Cowan's views on the cell and his New Biology courses. It's a different approach to some of the most foundational theories around cells, DNA, and how our body functions. It's rooted in medical research and, if true, reveals another area where what we've been taught in school's and universities over the past several decades has not been entirely accurate and led us down a path of pharmaceutical dependence. 

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease — What’s the Connection?

You can’t see, hear or smell electromagnetic fields and most people don’t feel them — but they’re associated with systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction thought to be a root cause for many of today's chronic diseases.

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