Rural Stray Voltage, EMF, 5G, Solar and Wind Farms : Part 2 - - What You Can Do To Be Safer

Part Two - What You Can Do About EMF Sensitivity

by Will Winter, DVM

In Part One of this story (read the article here) I had mentioned a brilliant book called “The Invisible Rainbow”, by Arthur Firstenberg (purchase here). I bring it up again because it’s important to realize that the current wave of radiation exposure we are facing is not the first time that man-made electrical currents have affected our health and well-being. With each new evolution, be it military bases with the first electrical service, radar, radio, TV and now microwave transmission and satellites, there have been some widespread health issues that this book documents to be precisely correlated. This includes the Spanish Flu of 1918 itself which appeared first near military bases as they became electrified and installed radar bases. We now wonder how much of the recent pandemic we experienced was related to the ongoing release of 5G, as well as, other cell phone-related infrastructure. Exposure levels to people, crops, wildlife and livestock of glyphosate and pesticides are ever-increasing and are also being dosed with high levels of man-made radiation could be made sick by this toxic brew. One thing that we do know is that none of these technologies or chemicals have been proven to be safe. We also know that pollution effects are cumulative. What if these pandemic plagues were due to a toxic combination of increasingly new pollution factors instead of being infectious?


EMF is  the term we apply to electro-magnetic-frequencies that are non-native, chaotic energy. It is also referred to as Electrosmog. It now covers nearly 90% of the world. Researchers have shown that any form of EMF causes stress to the cell-membranes and water-structures of all living systems, suppressing their growth and disease-resistance. It increases the level of free radicals and oxidative stress enzymes leading to more disease and stunting. We have just learned that all plants (and people too!) communicate with each other using their own natural electromagnetic energy (called biophotons) but, sadly, these connections lost stability and become incoherent when exposed to the much more powerful artificial EMF. This is also true for soil microbes as well as pollinator insects and birds. The chlorophyll in all plants is responsible for taking CO2, water and sunlight and turning it into sugar, is what makes everything in agriculture and nature possible. Modern day EMF, which has expanded over 70-fold in just the last 20 years, has been shown to decrease chlorophyll activity by 30% or more, so one can only imagine what this does to bushel yield and animal gains for meat, milk and eggs. The government as tried to regulate expansion and intensity of the man-made waves but without much success. There are now over 5,000 active satellites spinning overhead in low Earth orbit (with hundreds more being added each year), as well as many stationary satellites, all of which beam TV, internet, radio and cell phone signals to earth 24 hours a day! Over 50% of them are communication devices.  The FCC has already authorized Elon Musk (and others) to launch another 40,000 proposed satellites. Can you imagine what that could mean to health and life on planet Earth?


I could go on and on with the bad news but, really, it’s pretty clear that the smart thinking would be to start protecting ourselves and our farms and ranches. We know that the problem is not only not going to go away any time soon, it’s only going to get worse. If you can see a cell phone tower or high-voltage transmission line or have a smart meter or WiFi router in your home or farm, you are definitely getting zapped. Your crops are suffering as are the bees and other pollinators, the water is being destructured and unbalanced, and there will be negative effects upon your trees, soil microbes, soil mineral balance and the birds and other wildlife.

There is actually a small industry consisting of individuals, scientists and companies that are working to develop the means to protect ourselves. Devices are being manufactured and sold with the promise of either neutralization or harmonizing of the radiation. Note too, that it would be dangerous perhaps even illegal to block or reflect these energies back to the source.  One of the most prominent researchers at work in these concepts is Dan Stachofsky, of Essential Energy Solutions, who works out of his laboratory in Spokane, WA. He predicts that by 2025 just about everyone, including every farmer and rancher, will become aware of this situation and will be working to protect their home and land. More about his Geofield Systems line of products for Agriculture in a bit.



There are two main ways to get out from under the cloud of electrosmog. The first step is to do everything possible to reduce your exposure and lower any sources that are being generated on-site. This might require some testing to find out if there are any dangerous sources either on the farm or home, or nearby. To do so, one can hire professionals that measure radiation of all forms. Or one can do what I did which is to acquire a few professional instruments for detection. I have three meters, one measures electricity and magnetic waves coming from outlets, fixtures, fuse boxes, and wiring. Another larger device will measure waves from a distance, like for the transformer on the pole, any satellite dish, or other large farm equipment. Lastly, I have a hand-held device that is specific for the radio frequencies (RF). All three can be acquired for $1000-5000.  We have been surprised to find out where we are getting radiation.

At home and at work, we now avoid anything wireless if possible, this is especially true of bluetooth devices. I have replaced my bluetooth computer mouse, keyboard and track pad with wired units. We put our routers and modems on timers shutting them off from 11 pm until 6 am. We keep everything but a battery-operated alarm clock out of the bedroom, certainly no electric blankets or space heaters, and we are considering getting bedding that blocks radiation. One can even buy RF shielding paint now! But, by far, the absolute worst source is the ubiquitous cell phone! Never put a phone up to your ear, and keep it far from your body. Radiation drops exponentially with distance so use the remote speaker. I have purchased shielding cases from Defender Shield that does a decent job blocking radiation and the phone can be used with the flap over the front (still don’t put it up to your head). Flip phones are less dangerous than the big ones but are still dangerous, as are cordless phones. Remember when surgeons reported that women were getting seriously increased levels of breast cancer after carrying their flip phones in their bra?  Try to go back to wired land line phones if possible.  I have a lead-lined bag (called a Faraday cage) that my phone can live in when not needed.

Dan Stachofsky has tested over fifty small devices that are supposed to protect the phone user, such as the holographic dots but he says that the problem is that the thin film just doesn’t hold a charge very long, in other words, they quit working. He even tested some with a geiger counter and found a couple that were actually radioactive!

Needless to say, one can begin by throwing the microwave oven in the trash where it belongs! If you have smart meters that read your water, electricity and gas lines consider buying lead shields over the part of the devise that faces the living quarters.  You may remember this but in 2009 all TV signals were converted from analog signals to digital. Back then we either had to get a new TV set or buy a converter box that sits atop the TV.  This improved reception and picture quality but drastically increased the intensity of the EMF signals from the TV stations.There were even a few devices that helped remove some of the chaos and harmfulness from analog transmission but after 2009 they became relatively worthless once the signals were upgraded.




Next, there are now devices that will mitigate, that is harmonize or neutralize any and all radiation coming at you, either from your own devices or from towers, satellites or power lines. After listening to lectures by Dan Stachofsky, I purchased an Essential Pendant that I wear around my neck. The purpose is to create a safe zone around and within the body. Fortunately, I’m not as sensitive as some people but yet I can feel it working. I noticed it the most when I took it off temporarily as I demonstrated it to others. This one inch square of stainless steel can be worn when bathing, swimming or sleeping and has no down side. One of the main effects I noticed was much more sound sleep at night and less brain fog.

The Geofield system site that Dan created does it’s best to explain how the technology works and how it was created but there are certain parts of the process that are not immediately clear, at least to me. The technology was invented in New Zealand and has been in the process of being perfected over the past 35-40 years by scientists and farmers there. Early on, they experimented by creating devices made from crystals or even slabs of granite but found that metal, especially high-grade steel holds the resonance indefinitely, making these products last a lifetime. Using a technique called plasmonics, the surface of the metal is altered in a way that when biophotons hit the plate, they reflect off with a higher resonance and stability that then protects cells from the radiation. The units are not cheap but, considering what one gets, I decided that I couldn’t afford to not be protected. My neck pendant was $200, the large home unit around $7K and the full farm or ranch Ag Conditioners top out around $16K. As I explain later, this is a device that also, you might say, pays for itself, and does so rather quickly in most cases.


So, right off the bat, one must ask that since there’s nothing visible, how does one know whether or not it is working? The answer is two-fold, one can easily measure results via increases in one’s vital energy, health and disease resistance. There will also be noticeably measurable gains in bushels/acre or tons of forage/acre, average daily weight gains for animals (and less disease), milk going into the bulk tank or egg production. But, some find that these measurements in gains are “not enough” for proof, so Dan takes it further. In the laboratory, they are able to measure the ratio of positive to negative ions around the unit, which is called ionic balance. In general, everything works better when there are adequate negative ions and things work worse when there is an excess of positive ions. Large machines also make more positive ions, as does man-made radiation so we want to achieve the true balance found in nature. Certain natural phenomena such as lightning and even water falls also generate more of the feel-good negative ions. (ever notice how good the air feels around a natural waterfall or after a storm? Or, conversely how bad you feel hanging out at a commercial laundry for a while) Additionally, when it comes to proving that the devices are working,  it’s even possible to accurately measure the quantity and quality of the biophotons that are being created or reflected from all living beings be they human, animal or plant. Biophoton emmission and imagery through GVD cameras are also very effective at showing the change in a person or plant's energy. As Tesla said, everything in is energy, vibration and frequency. Here Dan's products are supporting the foundational level of life. 

The Geofield Conditioners are somewhat unique in that they are powered exclusively by natural photons (light units). They require no batteries or electrical connection, which is also one less source of electrosmog (means they can be shipped anywhere in the world and set up in minutes!).  It also means that they can be easily utilized by farms or homestead operations that have no electrical power whatsoever. There are no moving parts, therefore nothing to wear out.  I purchased a LightTower and Stand for our home (it's reach extends to my yard and garden) and it merely sits on a wooden stand in our dining room. It is a 7” square plate of metal that is five layers thick. Each layer increases the intensity of the biophotons giving it thousands of times more power than my neck pendant. Our unit protects 3.5 acres. The larger farm and ranch units are typically 16” x 16” in size and also have 5 full layers.These are called Ag Conditioners and will protect up to many thousands of acres (and can be engineered for your property lines).


1) Higher crop yields, but in quantity and number of cuttings/harvests/season

2) Increased sap flow within the plants

3) Improved disease, pest and drought tolerance

4) Healthier livestock

5) Increased Dairy production

6) Increased daily weight gain and shorter finishing times

7) Direct increases in Brix of all plants

8) Improved absorption of minerals from the soil and from forages

9) Better hydration and utilization of water, helps in drought

10) Approximately 30% better performance from the chlorophyll of plants


These results are not theoretical. They are being observed by livestock producers, such as by clipping 3-6 months off of finishing time in grassfed beef cattle, less mastitis in the dairy, up to a gallon of extra milk/cow/day, and an increased percentage of eggs/produced per day. Crop farmers are seeing an average of a 25% increase in bushels per acre of corn or beans, berry producers are getting a second harvests, and larger berries, later in the season and hay fields are getting an extra cutting every summer. So in other words, working with mitigating this toxic EMF pollution is not an experiment that you would be trying, that experiment is already being done across the country. The only question that remains is how long farmers or even city people for that matter, will wait to get protection. To take all the risk out of the decision, Essential Energy stands behind their products 100% and will give each and every purchaser a money-back guarantee if they are not seeing the results outlined above. I don’t think it gets any better than that. We have seen beef, dairy and crop producers actually pay for their unit in as little as three months.

 Agriculture Photo Geofield Conditioner EMF Protection


WILL WINTER is a retired veterinarian, a holistic herd health consultant and livestock nutritionist who hangs his hat in Minnesota. He is also a traveling lecturer and teacher focusing on sustainable livestock production and traditional nutrition. He provides consultations, workshops, lectures and access to natural livestock supplies to farmers and ranchers.


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