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Mitigating harmful electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress from your home, vehicle, farm, or workplace with Essential Energy EMF protection devices is easy, instantaneous, and permanent. 

EMF protection is quickly becoming a major goal for families across the world. With the increase in 5G wireless communication from global telecom giants over the past few years, and satellite internet provider Starlink going live in 2020 to compete with existing providers, such as, HughesNet, ViaSat, OneWeb (owned by Eutelsat), and Kuiper Systems, people’s awareness of electromagnetic fields (EMF) has risen dramatically. Along with this awareness is a growing demand to mitigate the well-documented health concerns associated with radio-frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation which these systems, and our cell phones, produce.

Development of the technology used in Essential Energy’s Pendants, LightTowers and Conditioners, began 1989, and over the years a few common questions have continued to come up. It’s likely you may have these questions yourself. It’s important to have answers to these questions before one feels comfortable acquiring Essential Energy’s EMF protection devices and making them the go-to product for solving the EMF crisis.

In this blog post we answer the five of the most common questions we receive. We will also continue to update our FAQ page on our website and add FAQ videos to our new YouTube channel. Send us your questions and we’ll answer them in our newsletter! 

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Top 5 Questions

1. How can such a tiny plate of steel protect huge areas, your home, your garden, your office building or even a large farm or ranch?

This is probably the most common question about the EMF Conditioners and LightTowers.  To understand how this is possible, consider the physics of light and how it can travel. Also realize that all the toxic radiation are forms of light, just the parts of the spectrum that is invisible to the eye. How far can light travel? Picture the red light on a faraway wind turbine, radio or TV tower. The light can be seen from literally miles away, and it’s coming at you at the speed of light. Think of each plate in our devices as a highly reflective mirror reflecting the instantly-harmonized photons of light back into your world. The larger the plate, the more layers there are, the further the harmonizing travels, and yes, the larger Geofield Conditioner can cover 10,000 acres of protection. 

2) Why stainless steel? 

The engineers who created these plates researched and developed just about every other possible material, including crystals, granite, copper, silver and many others, including gold, but, in their scientific experiments they discovered that only gold, silver, and stainless steel met the standards for tolerance and longevity required for a ‘permanent’ solution. Given the pricing, stainless steel became the material of choice. It’s also attractive and very durable.

3) So, will any other piece of stainless steel work?

30+ years of R&D led us to this specific grade and quality of stainless steel. Across the plasmonics industry, the established tolerances for adequate materials is extremely narrow, only the highest quality stainless steel with no warping or irregularities is selected.

Essential Energy doesn't use just any stainless steel, in fact about 80% of the high quality, marine-grade stainless steel we examine is rejected. Once selected, the stainless steel is processed for multiple days using our proprietary technique, which includes Plasmonics to permanently transform the meta-surface and lattice structure of the stainless steel to enable it to structure light photons. It's fair to say it's a different type of stainless steel after our process than before the processing.

4) How does Essential Energy’s Pendant, LightTower and Conditioner compare to all the dozens of other wrist bracelets, pendants, holograms, mineral specimens and all the others?

When looking at the Essential Pendant, there are no other known medallions or pendants, to our knowledge, that work as well or as effectively to balance both the electrical and magnetic fields of EMF, or that have the lifetime longevity of Essential Energy’s EMF protection devices. In general, stick-on devices lose efficacy after just a few weeks, and are limited in their protection as, at best, they only block radiation from one phone when typically we’re exposed to a lot more sources of EMF than that! To our knowledge, other products use crystals, stones or AC frequency to perform their work, which is fundamentally different than our approach to EMF protection.

Additionally, there are several scientific tests that we can employ that measure if a device or unit is actually working to reduce EMF stress and create an environment for optimal biology and function. Biophotons are constantly emitted from any living plant, animal or human. By measuring them we can then see if the presence of the device improves and increases the emission rate. We can also measure how the unit is affecting the ratio between positive and negative ions surrounding it. These are scientific tests that are real and accurate and should be used to evaluate the efficacy of any device. Dr. Beverly Rubik did a study with the Biowell device that measures biophotonic emission and coherence, and found the Essential Energy products work.

LightTower balance peoples energy fields

Anther device, the Qbioscan, measures the body aura. This image was taken of a 12 year old girl.

Aura field made coherent and stable by LightTower

In a sleep study with the Biostrap device, we found five out of five participants had improved sleep and improved heart rate variability (which measure the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) over a two week period.

We also interview people who have purchased these other devices to see if the use has made any noticeable difference in their sleep quality, their breathing, their vital energy, their symptoms, or their moods. And if after a few months they still notice a benefit.  Nearly all our customers still use the products years after purchase with strong results. This is the best test of all!

5) The LightTowers, Conditioners and Pendants “look inert”, aren’t devices that plug into the wall or that have batteries more powerful?

Actually, in this case, just the opposite. We don’t want to have any additional electrical power within the device, we are already surrounded by too much man-made frequencies anyway. Why make more? Once one gets familiar with the Essential Energy devices, it’s quite possible for most people to actually feel the refreshing and healing energy that comes off of the surface of the plates, and, once again, the larger the plate, the more power. Every unit can be used as a wellness device over an inflamed, tender or painful area to create a healing environment by increasing blood flow and oxygen saturation. The relief can usually be felt immediately and the results not only last but also gets stronger with reapplication. We want everyone to experience this power.

6) BONUS QUESTION: Do these products need to be cleared of bad energy or sent back to be recharged?

Essential Energy products are not accumulators and therefore don't absorb bad energy. Unlike crystals, stones, or copper wires, they do not need to be recharged. The change to the metal during our process alters the very nature of the metal creating a permanent change and solution.

We take your questions very seriously - before and after purchase. We're always here to answer your questions and help you get the most from your purchase. Many of us who now work with Essential Energy had the same questions as you before we started. Over time the outcomes speak for themselves. We may not understand every reason WHY the technology does what it does, but we can't argue with WHAT we experience. One example is that across the country this year, we've deployed several Geofield Conditioners on dairy farms and the farmers have consistently seen a dramatic reduction in milking time (letting down their milk faster), improved fertility rates, improved management of somatic cell counts and mastitis, and overall healthier cows, to mention a few results.  

Check out our How-to videos for tips on how to get the most out of our products.

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