Dr. Beverly Rubik's 2020 Study on Essential Energy

Dr. Beverly Rubik is a Consulting Biophysicist and sought after speaker on 5G and EMF. She's recently spoken at the 2019 5G Summit and 2021 Wise Traditions conference. In early 2020, just before the pandemic hit, Rubik completed a studying testing the technology in the Essential Energy products against EMF stress.

She wanted to see if the Essential Energy products could protect the test subjects against EMF. This is critical to understand since our mitochondria and cells use electromagnetic signaling and biophotons to send mission-critical information throughout the body. These signals can be interfered by man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF), decreasing their coherence and efficiency which leads to dis-ease, including, but not limited to, ALS, Alzheimer's and cancer. A coherent, balanced system is key to empowering your body's natural health response.

The study results showed Essential Energy improved the test subjects Energy and Left-Right Balance with a statistical difference compared to the sham device, protecting them from EMF stress.

The study was a single-blinded, which means subjects were blinded to which devices was active or sham. Subjects were exposed to artificial EMF from a cell phone, cordless phone and WiFi for 20 minutes. They were then provided a 4" LightTower to wear, placed over their thymus gland (chest) for 20 minutes with results measured. They repeated the study on a different day using a Sham LightTower. The subjects did not know which test was real and which was sham.

Rubik summarized the test as follows:

When subjects were exposed to an increased level of microwave radiation from wireless communication devices, the Light Tower strengthened the biofield, increasing energy and left-right balance, as seen with Bio-Well testing.

Using a Bio-well 2.0 device, depicts the difference in balance:

What we see is that when exposed to artificial EMF, the beneficial field technology used in all Essential Energy products optimizes stress response, energy and balance. This signals a higher degree of inter-cellular coherence. With Essential Energy products, the body's terrain is free of EMF stress, and without that stressor cellular signaling is improved leading to improved function.

This chart shows how stress, energy and balance are all Optimized after 20-minutes with the 4" LightTower.

When deciding which size LightTower to purchase, consider that the larger the surface area, the greater the biophotonic coherence. This study was done with our smallest LightTower. Thee larger 5" and 7" LightTower, and newest 5 plate versions, reflect significantly stronger photonic resonance leading to faster and deeper results. All LightTowers are shipped with the new Home Stand accessory to extend the versatility to covering bedrooms and homes in the beneficial field.

Given all that is occurring in today's environment, it's important to make an informed decision when looking for EMF protection. Rubik's study validates our customer's testimonials that Essential Energy's products lead to improved sleep and energy. Join the many customers today and start your journey to recovery and protection from EMF.

As political stress increases, pandemic stress and fatigue set in and unrest grows across nations, finding a product like Essential Energy that you can trust to reliably provide natural support is so important.

You can begin your Essential Journey today. Visit our store today.

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