Farm-saving EMF Protection

Steve Simpson, owner Rose Hill Dairy, shares his experience with the Essential Energy Ag Conditioner on his dairy in Springdale, WA. "When the cows decided to now have calves again, that just made all the difference," says Steve Simpson. 

He's not the only farmer to see this either, over a dozen farmers in 2023 alone saw their fertility and pregnancy issues totally cleared up in just a few weeks after installing the Geofield Ag Conditioner.

Essential Energy Solutions brings quantum biophysics to the masses with their line of EMF protection devices. Using the physics of light, Essential Energy's EMF protection and so much more. Once EMF is mitigated, the biophysics of nature is free to excel and realize new levels of production and health.

You can experience a balanced, optimized environment in your home, homestead and farm. Watch the dozens and dozens of symptoms associated with EMF exposure disappear and biology improve. Plants, pollinators, pets, livestock, birds, worms...all excel!

Observe ecosystems restore to how nature was meant to be before the introduction of electricity with Essential Energy's line of EMF protection devices.


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