Grassfed Rancher Achieves Major Advantage

John Wood and Dan Stachofsky visit John's cows to discuss how Essential Energy's Geofield Ag Conditioner is benefiting his commercial grassfed cattle ranch in NE Missouri. "This is a real advantage for producers," says John Wood.

The issue of EMF stress on animals is gaining awareness, and Essential Energy is ahead of the crowd offering producers a solution to one of the greatest environmental stressors their farm is facing. Until now, farmers didn't have an option other than increasing minerals (with low ROI). Today, farmers like John are realizing how physics makes a difference on their farm with the simple-to-use Ag Conditioner.

Essential Energy brings quantum biophysics to the masses with their line of EMF protection devices. Using the physics of light, Essential Energy's EMF protection and so much more. Once EMF is mitigated, the biophysics of nature is free to excel and realize new levels of production and health. You can experience a balanced, optimized environment in your home, homestead and farm. Watch the symptoms of EMF exposure disappear and cognitive function improve. Plants, pollinators, pets, livestock, birds, worms...all excel! Observe ecosystems restore to how nature was meant to be before the introduction of electricity with Essential Energy's line of EMF protection devices.

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