EMF Protection & Wellness: Unveiling Resonant Energy Technology

Quantum Medicine host Dr. Kamau Kokayi of Healinghealthservices.com with practices in both New York and Los Angeles interviewed Essential Energy owner Dan Stachofsky.

The 30 minute interview aired on September 14, 2021 on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC.


Speaker 1 (00:00):

WBAI New York, 99.5 FM and wbai.org online. Stay tuned for Dr. Kamau Kokayi with the Quantum Medicine coming up. It's 2:00 PM.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (00:40):

Greetings and welcome to this edition of Quantum Medicine. I'm your host, Dr. Kamau Kokayi, healinghealthservices.com. Well, today we're going to speak about one of my favorite topics. When we start talking about bioenergetic medicine, the bioenergetic field of the human being, as you know, I'm always is talking about how we have to have an expanded notion of human anatomy because we're not really just these physical beings. You always hear me saying that we're spiritual beings having a human incarnation, but beyond that, there's a whole, not just physical, but bioenergetic piece that's a part of all of us that interfaces with everything that's around us. So while your five senses are limited in perceiving what's there, for instance, your eyes can only perceive 1% of what's out there, we know that the space around us it's filled with all kind of energetic waves.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (01:47):

One thing I tell folks is that we have to start thinking of the human being, not just from a biochemical standpoint, but from a biophysics standpoint. If you remember in chemistry class how they put up pictures of the electromagnetic spectrum, everything was in wave form, right? Everything is in wave form, but yet, because of the way this culture and medicine is oriented, we now look at everything from a biochemical standpoint. But here we are playing in this bio energetic field, we got 5G, we got all these computers, radio, screens, everything, so ignorance is not going to help us and people are suffering.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (02:36):

The effect of cell towers on, not just human beings, but on plants and animals, all that is actually happening around us. To be frank, the biochemical solutions, first of all, there's a whole lot of denial that anything is really happening to you; but on the other hand, there are not that many therapies that are available. So today, I'm really happy to talk with somebody that I would say is a pioneer. Pioneer is the wrong word, because this information has been out there, but the actual application of it and developing useful technologies that can help to mitigate against the effect of these harmful electromagnetic fields, there are not too many people walking that path.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (03:34):

My guest, Dan Stachofsky, is somebody that I think you all want to know, and you want to hear what he has to say. So he's going to be talking about the technology that individuals that have actually used this technology, have documented positive responses, increased oxygen saturation, improving all systems that benefit from higher oxygen levels like your brain, reduction in asthma, no scar tissue from burns, resolved severe migraines within minutes, faster post-surgical healing, improved cardiovascular problems, reduction of melanoma, that's a whole nother piece to talk about, improved car Parkinson's conditions.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (04:26):

I would like to add anything that increases the coherence of the body's energetic fields is something that's going to help your immune system, can't say enough about that these days. So Dan, if I may, how did you come to this and share a little bit about your background? I didn't want to do a bio because I wanted to really hear the story of how you came to this. Then, I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions about your work and these quote/unquote devices that, I believe you call them resonant harmonic photonic devices, that's a mouthful, but we're going to break that down, so welcome. Welcome to Quantum Medicine.


Dan Stachofsky (05:17):

Well, thank you for having me. I appreciate it and I'm really looking forward to talking with you today. You're right, I didn't get onto this course, it wasn't a straight path. There's situations in life, but usually we all have personal stories that make us go a certain direction. I was in business and really in the sales marketing operational side of business for a long time. But as God would have it, I had some serious health issues in my family that caused me to get to the end of the rope with a lot of current practices around medicine that opens your eyes to functional medicine or natural alternatives.


Dan Stachofsky (06:07):

When you start looking there or when you're looking for answers and you just know that there's a root cause to certain issues, chronic disease and other inflammatory issues and stress, there's root causes to those, and you're not getting those answered from the normal standard channels, you start to look out outside the box. It was about that time that I was really introduced to the impact of electromagnetism and how the world we live in today has a massive amount more harmful electromagnetic radiation than we had even 100 years ago. They say it's about 2 million times more the amount of EMF than we faced within the first mile of the Earth's atmosphere from ground up.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (07:02):



Dan Stachofsky (07:05):

That has an impact on our biology, like you were saying, we're biophysical. If we can condition that harmful energy and make it biocompatible, I believe it opens up an entire opportunity, an entire world to actually bring healing and vitality and wellness in a way that is incredibly supportive to all our other practices and protocols that we might be doing already.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (07:36):

So let's step back a minute and give folks, maybe, an idea of how these harmful electromagnetic fields, why are they so detrimental to the body? What are some of the things that actually happen?


Dan Stachofsky (07:51):

Yeah. Well, one of the things that happens is it creates a disturbance and it is the alternating aspect of electricity today creates this non-natural interaction with our bodies. So our bodies always perceive in the environment, it's always responding. If everything's biocompatible and natural and normal, its just passes through you, your body doesn't respond to it. It says, "Hey, I like that. I'm not going to worry about it." But when it's alternating and at 16 Hertz, it actually creates this signal within your body at the subcellular level that, "Hey, this energy, this frequency, this resonance isn't normal. This is not something I'm used to looking at," and it has to put out a stress response.


Dan Stachofsky (08:51):

So what's happening at the atomic level is actually a stress response that leads to inflammation, and that has a lot of downstream processes when you think about what goes on with the cell around the mitochondria and ATP production, which is our powerhouse. That's where we get a lot of our energy, but that process is very sensitive to electromagnetism and there is natural electromagnetism, or we actually produce these things called biophotons. Biophotonics is an amazing discipline and practice in science that's revealed so much about how we communicate at that information layer. It is sensitive to these non-natural electromagnetic fields, and that disturbance is what causes a lot of the issues that we face today. The list, it ranges; it's anxiety, appetite loss, blood pressure, increased breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, [crosstalk 00:10:05]


Kamau Kokayi, MD (10:04):

All the way down to cancer-


Dan Stachofsky (10:06):

Yep, everything. [crosstalk 00:10:07].


Kamau Kokayi, MD (10:07):

It's everything, right.


Dan Stachofsky (10:09):

Yeah. If you look at the list, not one of us couldn't raise our hands, I think. [crosstalk 00:10:13]


Kamau Kokayi, MD (10:13):

Yeah, because [crosstalk 00:10:15] we're saturated. We're saturated in these fields.


Dan Stachofsky (10:17):

That's right.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (10:17):

So let's get into it. Let's talk about what's been developed and just however you want to frame that and then, I'm going to ask you some questions. I know we're going to come to our break, but that's okay. Just start talking about these devices and where they're actually being used and what's happened.


Dan Stachofsky (10:40):

Yeah. Sure. So this is what we term active biotrain technology or resonant photonic harmonics, because we're using the principles of the electrogmagnetic spectrum, which is really a light-based spectrum to build harmonics that condition those fields; they balance it out. So we're conditioning the environment and actually, putting a protective layer at that subatomic level, at that quantum level where our cells communicate, we're putting a protective field around there so that the information is exchanged coherently. Dr. Jack Kruse, he says, "If you change the electromagnetic field, you change the coherence of the system of life." [crosstalk 00:11:30]


Kamau Kokayi, MD (11:30):

So I want to just stop a second, because I want break down the idea of harmonics a little bit more. I want to bring the whole thing with your musical scales and keys. So you have C and then you have an octave higher. You have C again and another octave higher, and you have C again. So these begin to form harmonics of this root wave or root scale, and a lot of times both in health and in nature, you can use these harmonics to actually begin to affect things, because all of us are really functioning within certain frequency ranges. The distortions that are caused by these harmful electromagnetic fields begin to throw us out of sync in terms of the frequencies that we actually need to function. So I'm just trying to use the example more in music how harmonics are used creatively by jazz musicians, but it's just something that's there to begin to bring things back in line. So keep telling your story. I'm just ad-libbing because this is to help folks.


Dan Stachofsky (12:52):

Yeah. No, that's great. As those jazz musicians do that, the sound becomes more full and more beautiful and that what happens here at that photonic level or that light-based level. So when we do that, we embed these harmonics into stainless steel plates, believe it or not. So within physics, you can manipulate light to create this coherence. So our products are a series of different types of plates. They can be worn as a necklace. They can also be built out in a way that actually can condition or produce a beneficial field for farms. We're in-


Kamau Kokayi, MD (13:38):

We're going to come back because the farms is the evidence, based on some of the work and results that you've shared with me. I want the listeners to hear that and then we're going to jump back into people, but right now we're at break time. This is Quantum Medicine. I'm your host, Dr. Kamau Kokayi and we're here with Dan Stachofsky. We're talking about resonant harmonic photonic devices, and we'll be right back. Stay tuned. Greetings, listeners. This is Dr. Kamau Kokayi. WBAI needs to feel your love. Since the 1960s, you have heard members of your community share their passion and enrich your lives and the lives of those around you.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (14:26):

Health, science, the arts, news, it's all here at WBAI. So nurture the station that nurtures you, become a WBAI buddy. For as little as $10 a month, you can make a difference and continue to feel the energy and passion of all the producers that are trying to give you the best. Go to give2wbai.org, that's give, the number 2, wbai.org. Blessings. Welcome back to Quantum Medicine. I'm your host, Dr. Kamau Kokayi. I'm here with my guest, Dan Stachofsky and we were just starting to talk about these actual resonant harmonic photonic devices. So I'm going to ask Dan to describe them a little bit more and then, we're going to hear some jaw-dropping results in terms of applications. So Dan, why don't you tell us a little bit more about the devices?


Dan Stachofsky (15:34):

Sure. Yeah. So what we've developed is the ability to embed these resonant photonic harmonics into stainless steel plates. They're very thin plates that now take on this new nature, this new resonance, that's why call them that, resonant harmonics, because the very nature of these stainless steel plates will now emanate out this beneficial field. The plates range in sizes and applications, everything from wearing them as a necklace or a wristband, all the way into things you might use for biohackers and physical therapists.


Dan Stachofsky (16:21):

Chiropractors are starting to use these a lot in their practices, all the way to small homes and houses, large homes and gardens, businesses, and even agriculture. One of the things that we find people say the most, this is the most common feedback I get within just the first couple days, that they are either using the necklace or the larger plates, is an increase in energy, an increase in their quality of sleep, so I guess an improvement in their quality of sleep. They're finding that they have less anxiety. They can manage their stress better. Some of the folks that we are talking to today actually have electrohypersensitivity.


Dan Stachofsky (17:12):

They're very sensitive to these non-native fields that come from cell towers, power lines, wi-fi routers, and they feel that. Some of their stories are really the most impressive to me because they're living every day with the buzzing in their ears or on their skin, and they're very uncomfortable. As soon as they stay are using our products, there's calming down in their body. It's that coherence you were talking about earlier. That balance comes back to them and their bodies are able to reach this level of homeostasis or coherence that they haven't been able to reach before and it's using a technology that is user-friendly. You can travel with it. You can fly with it. You can wear it 24/7.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (18:07):

To help people see the possibility in this, let's talk about some of the results that you've had within, I would say, in the plant and animal world, right?


Dan Stachofsky (18:21):

Yeah. When I start talking with farmers, there's a gentleman who has a dairy farm that's got 350 hectares of corn, and he's been farming that land his whole life. He's 35, some years. Well, he has averaged about 250 bushels an acre of feed corn. His first year, it was a high-drought year, high heat, over 100 degrees most of the summer and his field produced 350 bushels an acre.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (19:08):



Dan Stachofsky (19:09):

One year, one result would be interesting, but he's had it now for three years and that was the lowest result he'd had in the past three years. So he's reached a new normal, a new plateau of what he expects off his field. We saw that also with berries. There's a blackberry farmer who has a variety that is known to produce two crops a year. He was told where he lived that that environment just is not conducive to it. You can only expect the spring crop, not the summer crop. It was installed last year. This year, his crop was higher quality. The berries were not just one gram heavier, they were multiple grams heavier, denser; that's that means it's nutrient dense. I met him in July and he was picking his summer crop for the first time in 10 years.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (20:09):

I'm going to be interested, at some point, if you guys can actually check out what happens with the soil, because the soil has been so damaged by pesticides. So it's interesting to hear how this is actually counteracting that effect, that impact, right?


Dan Stachofsky (20:28):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Kamau Kokayi, MD (20:28):

... by actually changing, increasing the coherence, bioenergetic energy, just aligning it, how that's made such a difference in the actual crops, so-


Dan Stachofsky (20:41):

Yeah. What we see there is actually, the microbial life, that microbiome in the soil actually starts to become more active. So we see the minerals and amendments that they start to place on there, like calcium, becoming more functional into the plant and that plant is more balanced from the root all the way up to the top of the plant. That's really something that these farmers strive for is that balance, and by removing the effects of that electromagnetic radiation, we're able to see these results. Nature takes care of itself if we can create the right environment for nature to do it.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (21:23):

So I'm going to ask you to give a couple other examples, but I'm just really struck by the fact that you have these steel plates that are embedded, or have the ability to emit these harmonics. Are these harmonics, they're actually calibrated to deal with any particular type of electromagnetic field in balance, or is it that they're in alignment with what it should be, and it entrains other things around it so that things fall into place?


Dan Stachofsky (22:00):

Yeah, it's a combination. So we have the beneficial field, the beneficial harmonics that do bring about entrainment to help those cells in those organisms operate more effectively and communicate more efficiently at that information layer. But there are also, harmonics that we've embedded specifically to counter the negative forces, the electromagnetic forces that we have today. This is technology we've been working on for over 35 years. So the opportunity has come to speak about it more, but we've been working to solve this problem since the '80s. When the first wave of modern technology was starting to come out and the electro density was starting to pile up, we were seeing a need to balance the electromagnetic radiation and balance these fields because the effect they were having on humanity and plants and soil and animals, even at that time.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (23:14):

A real thought that comes to mind is that if you think about people that are affected with COVID 19, or have had a reaction to a vaccine and have this whole damage to the endothelia lining of blood vessels where they're clotting, I can't help but think that aligning the electromagnetic fields of people that have been damaged, whether it's from man or virus, which might be one and the same, but by aligning the actual feel that that would make a difference actually applying that. So now, I know you probably haven't had the opportunity to actually engage in a clinical trial, but I know in a field that I would say as a cousin in biogemetry, they use bioenergetic signatures to actually reverse hepatitis in many people. So I can only imagine all the applications and maybe you have some thoughts about that. I imagine you don't want to say too much, but what comes to mind?


Dan Stachofsky (24:31):

When you can clear the terrain level where our body is initially starting the biochemical processes that are going to lead to oxygen saturation or how to defend itself against viruses or foreign objects that might be put into the body, whether it's food or other things, these toxins that we get start to build up over time, heavy metals and things. Well, if we're able to improve the very terrain of the body at the nano level, the signaling is all improved and that immune system is not inflamed; therefore, it's going to operate more optimally and do a better job of removing those impediments from the body. So what I would say to that discussion is that by removing the stress of the EMF from the body, you're giving the body back more strength, more coherence to fight the next obstacle more completely, or more holistic.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (25:48):

That's a great way to say it, and we look forward to that work being done. I wanted you to share one other example in animals. What's been noticed?


Dan Stachofsky (26:00):

Yeah. Well, we love animals. Both animals and plants are wonderful because they just respond to the environment they're in. With grass-fed beef cattle, we have a few farms now that are actually doing this with their cattle they're finding that their daily weight gain is increasing 20 to 30%, so from one-and-a-half pounds to two-and-a-quarter pounds per day. What that means to the farmer is that those cattle now actually can be brought to market six, seven months early.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (26:43):

Wow. Wow.


Dan Stachofsky (26:45):

It's a tremendous at cost savings for the farmer. It's a improvement to their entire operation and the cattle are healthier and they are more relaxed and more docile on that farm their entire life. The farmers are enjoying it and their grass grows better, so they're getting better groceries. They're just a healthier animal and then, a healthier product.


Kamau Kokayi, MD (27:14):

I'm just trying to imagine, that's definitely worth sharing. I'm sure you're going to continue to be busier as you go forward. So as we wind down on the program, why don't you share how people can reach you? We're going to post some articles and some information so people can do further reading as well on the site, https://healinghealthservices.com, but how can people reach you?


Dan Stachofsky (27:41):

Yeah. Well, there's two websites. The one for people, the company's name is Essential Energy Solutions, and so the website is https://essentialenergy.solutions, that's plural. Then, for [crosstalk 00:27:59]


Kamau Kokayi, MD (27:59):

Say that one more time.


Dan Stachofsky (27:59):



Kamau Kokayi, MD (28:01):

Say that one more time.


Dan Stachofsky (28:04):



Kamau Kokayi, MD (28:05):

Okay, and then you were going to give another site.


Dan Stachofsky (28:12):

Yeah, Geofield Systems, so G-E-O-F-I-E-L-D systems.com. https://geofieldsystems.com


Kamau Kokayi, MD (28:20):

All right. Well, Dan, I can't tell you how happy I am that you're doing this work and that you're sharing this technology. I'll certainly be calling you, as I'm sure other people will be reaching out as well. To my listeners, we just want to give thanks, this gratitude for being able to share this information. As always, I say, "Consciousness wishes to express itself through you as you. You are the one that you've been waiting for." Blessings and we'll be back with you next week. Take care.


Speaker 1 (29:00):

The previous program was Quantum Medicine with Dr. Kamau Kokayi, and that is heard on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM.

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