Change the energy in your home and more!

Dr. Will Winter, DVM & Holistic Veterinarian, shares his personal experience with the Essential Pendant and 7" LightTower. He was just a customer but now he is Essential's resident Holistic Vet helping farmers across the country provide an EMF-safe environment with Essential Energy's Ag Conditioner.

The Essential Pendant and 7" LightTower provide EMF protection and so much more. Dr. Winter noticed an immediate change in the feel of the energy in his home when he set up the LightTower on the Stand. Living in the heart of a major city, he has 3G, 4G and 5G plus about 12 of his neighbors WiFi signals, bombarding him and his wife and pets 24/7.  The release of the coherent beneficial energy from the 7" LightTower put an immediate 'shield' in place, protecting him from the stress from the EMF and raising his vital energy. Even visitors to his house can tell a difference.

Using physics of light, Essential Energy Solutions line of EMF protection devices creates a harmonized, biophotonic field of energy that shields users from non-native electromagnetic radiation by acting as a tuning fork at the biophysical level. Active bioresonance Essential Energy doesn't block electromagnetic fields, but rather produces a resonance that strengthens the biofield of people, plants and animals, shielding it from EMF stress. The result is greater energy, balance and normalized response to EMF stress.

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