Heart function and sleep improved!

Dr. Marlene Siegal, DVM shares her personal experience with the Essential Pendant. Ever since the smart meter was installed on her house, she started having heart issues like afib and tachycardia. The Essential Pendant is EMF protection and so much more, as with Dr. Siegal she saw those issues go away when wearing the Essential Pendant.

Using physics of light, Essential Energy Solutions line of EMF protection devices creates a harmonized, biophotonic field of energy that shields users from non-native electromagnetic radiation. This functions like a tuning fork for our physiology. Active bioresonance Essential Energy doesn't block electromagnetic fields, but rather produces a resonance that strengthens the biofield of people, plants and animals, shielding it from EMF stress. The result is greater energy, balance and normalized response to EMF stress.

As a veternarian, Dr. Siegal is one of many vets to incorporate the Essential technology into their practice to help dogs, cats, horses and more.

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