Reverse EHS and explore the world!

Colleen Palmer was living her life without issues in Boston, MA when the SmartCity was deployed. Her life changed dramatically and she lost the ability to travel or go to cities without extraordinary precautions and risks to her health.

That all started to change for the better for Colleen when she purchased a 5" LightTower from Essential Energy Solutions. The benefit have far outweighed the upfront cost. The benefits show up in many ways for Colleen, and one is the ability to be in Rome where she recorded this testimonial! Colleen shares her personal experience with the Essential LightTower and Pendant.

The line of LightTowers and Essential Pendant is EMF protection and so much more, giving people back their lost freedom. Using physics of light, Essential Energy Solutions line of EMF protection devices creates a harmonized, biophotonic field of energy that shields users from non-native electromagnetic radiation by acting as a tuning fork at the biophysical level.

Passive bioresonance by Essential Energy doesn't block electromagnetic fields, but rather produces a photonic (light) resonance that shields from EMF stress and strengthens the biofield of people, plants and animals. The result is greater energy, balance and normalized response to EMF stress.

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